Alert to the Consumers: Genetically Modified Potatoes and Apples are a Serious Public Health Risk

More produce has been added to the ever-expanding GMO list: potatoes and apples. In this particular case, the GMO version of these common plant products has been modified to reduce browning (oxidation) when slices are exposed to the air. Scientists achieved this by using dsRNA (a version of RNA, sometimes found in viruses, that is double-stranded, similar to DNA), to alter the effects of the gene that is responsible for both the fruit’s and tuber’s browning response. Because the results are merely aesthetic, there was really no good reason to modify this gene, as some amount of browning is perfectly normal and does not render the food inedible.

Shocking revelation: The Institute for Responsible Technology states that Brazilian researchers fed little bits of dsRNA to honey bees in their youth. The dsRNA used was taken from jellyfish and is not normally found in bees. While researchers didn’t expect anything interesting to happen, what they found was after eating just one meal with the foreign dsRNA, the honey bees became radically different in their health, their physiology, and their behavior.

If just one meal of foreign dsRNA can do this to bees, what will a regular diet of it in these new GMO potatoes and apples do to humans and higher animals?  By the end of 2016, the human population may be exposed to a very toxic food – check out this video (below) for the scientific truth:

USDA using humans as guinea pigs without their consent

Recently, the USDA approved the modified apples and potatoes for consumption. Since these specific products have not been tested for safety, consumers can’t be completely sure that there won’t be undesirable consequences. Brazilian studies conducted on bees found that subjects who had consumed food with dsRNA suffered ill effects to their health, as well as unexpected behavioral changes.

Human behavior and physiology can potentially be changed by these new GMO apples and potatoes.

Since the bees were so radically changed by the dsRNA, there is a very real chance that the same thing could happen to humans who consume the same dsRNA, which is included in the new GMO potatoes and apples.

There is a certain chance that products like these could have similar effects on our bodies and thought patterns without our realizing, though of course this speculation cannot be confirmed without further study.

Without mandatory labeling in the U.S., consumers might not even realize that they are eating GMO.

The public needs to speak out against these dangerous new GMO products

GMO labeling is a must so people can choose responsibly and essential for consumer protection – especially considering what we know about the proven threats to human health by eating genetically manipulated foods.

We must speak out about GMO dangers and demand GMO labeling. Access to GMO free products ought to be an option for everyone – especially those opposed to becoming part of a human experiment by the government.

Take action today! Everyone is encouraged to sign the IRT petition – which opposes GMOs – and tells retailers NOT to sell food that has been genetically engineered.  Together, hopefully, we will stop this crazy idea from becoming a reality.


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