American Academy of Pediatrics Drops Monsanto Like a Hot Potato

That’s right, although the American Academy of Pediatrics was previously sponsored by Monsanto, the big company no longer has their hand in their organization. This is all because of the people who spoke up against this relationship, whose voices were heard.

As soon as the American Academy of Pediatrics was made fully aware of all that Monsanto represented (Agent Orange, GMOs, DDT, and PCBs to name a few), they quickly agreed that this was not a good company to have a relationship with, and so they kicked them to the curb.

This is truly a win for our children, so don’t ever stop speaking out against this big corporation. It does make a difference.

“I was completely shocked that the American Academy of Pediatrics, an organization that moms put their trust in at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives was associating with a company that didn’t elicit trust at all. I knew this association was potentially damaging to the AAP and that Monsanto was getting far more out of it than pediatricians ever would. And it puzzled me that this type of unholy alliance would have ever been allowed, so I contacted them and was very honest and candid about what Monsanto represents to moms. And after a couple of months they got back to me right before ShiftCon Social Media Conference so I could announce to the entire eco-wellness blogging community that weekend,” said founder of Mamavation community  Segedie Leah.

Source Mamavation community

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