Chipotle Becomes First Major Restaurant Chain To Serve Only GMO-Free Food

Everything at Chipotle will be GMO-free from now on. This includes tortillas, salsa, chips, and marinades.

Beginning Monday, the Mexican food chain will only serve food that is organic and devoid of genetically modified ingredients. This is something no other major restaurant chain has done before.

Becoming GMO-free is a goal that Chipotle has been working towards for many years. In 2013, the company was the first to disclose all the ingredients containing GMO on its menu.

According to CNN Money, Chipotle’s pork and chicken will continue to come from animals that eat GMO-feed. However, the chain states that it has been successful in switching out all the other GMO-containing ingredients from the menu. This is including using rice bran oil instead of soybean oil.

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