Do CBD Drops Work for Anxiety?

Do CBD drops work for anxiety? Will it help you get rid of your anxious feelings?

Anxiety is a normal emotion that any human can feel. After all, it’s perfectly normal and common to feel anxious before a job interview, a school exam, or even a public speaking event. However, anxiety can become a devastating condition with a significant negative effect on the quality of life of a person once it becomes hard to control, excessive, and doesn’t go away.

This particular condition is known as GAD or Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety should be present for six months for GAD to be medically diagnosed. It should also come with three out of the six symptoms namely fatigue, irritability, muscle tension, poor concentration, restlessness, and sleep disturbance. 

What is Generalised Anxiety?

GAD or generalized anxiety disorder refers to excessive and ongoing feelings of worry. GAD treatment usually includes strong anti-depression medication and counselling. If you’re suffering from anxiety and you wish to prevent the adverse side effects of medication, CBD is a good choice thanks to its gentle nature and possible effectiveness.

CBD drops for anxiety
CBD drops for anxiety are found to help lessen or even cease the use of pharmaceutical medications.

Low levels of serotonin in the brain are associated with increased mood swings, anxiety, and depression. CBD compounds may be able to help lower feelings of anxiety. They can influence the receptors involved in serotonin production. 

Research revealed that CBD oil might help lower anxiety in animal studies and humans alike. Although the evidence is not yet concrete, most of these have been revealed to have effective results. Researchers analysed the effects of CBD on rats’ stress levels and noticed lowered behavioural signs of anxiety with reduced heart rate and other related stress signals. 

Other Common Forms of Anxiety 

Aside from GAD, social anxiety disorder or SAD and post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD are other common forms of anxiety. Living with these conditions can be very unpleasant with the same disruptions to the quality of life, particularly in terms of insomnia. 

The wide-ranging effects of CBD drops make it a good possible choice to help with the symptoms that come with various forms of anxiety. CBD oil for anxiety is an excellent treatment option to consider and talk about with your doctor. 

CBD drops help if you have anxiety
CBD drops are an excellent possible choice to help with anxiety. CBD oil for anxiety is a fantastic treatment option to consider. 

The latest trial revealed that medicinal cannabinoids extract for anxiety has notably lowered social anxiety that healthy people feel during simulated public speaking tests. What’s even more interesting here is that the extract also has the same level of effectiveness as the drug diazepam. These promising results suggest that CBD oil may indeed help anxiety. 

One more study also revealed that CBD improved sleep not only in healthy people but even in those with insomnia. Small CBD doses were enough to cut down sleep disruption and lengthen total sleep time. 

Although it is still too early for conclusive research, the promising results are already a good starting point.

Common Treatments for Anxiety 

The use of medications and psychological methods are the common treatments for anxiety. SSRIs are the most popular forms of medications used to address the condition. These include fluoxetine, Prozac, sertraline, and citalopram. 

However, these medications have a few drawbacks. They often take several weeks before they achieve their full effects. Other side effects include sexual dysfunction and increasing suicide ideation. Worse, several of these medications don’t help some people at all. 

This is the reason why alternative treatments are necessary, or treatments that can be effectively used together with psychological treatments like CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy are shown to reduce relapse rates better than drug therapy. 

For some people, the use of medicinal CBD drops for anxiety is found to help lessen or even cease their use of pharmaceutical medications.

People who weren’t using any medications enjoyed a happier and more peaceful quality of life every time they used cannabidiol drops for anxiety. For others, however, medicinal cannabis didn’t have any effect at all, causing them to discontinue its use. 

CBD Drops as Anxiety Treatment 

The main work of action of CBD is that it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body. The system is an intricate group of receptors and endocannabinoids that affect concentration and mood. 

When you take CBD, the naturally produced cannabinoids remain longer in the body, which might help induce a calming effect. Once it works, it results in improved feelings of relaxation and reduced feelings of anxiety. 

CBD drops used to treat anxiety

CBD can interact with the serotonin receptors found in the brain. Although CBD itself doesn’t increase levels of serotonin, it still affects the way receptors respond to existing serotonin. Thus, it makes sense that the use of CBD is a great way to improve mood levels that can help decrease feelings of anxiety. It is who some people use CBD to manage their depression and anxiety. 

Tips for Using CBD Oil for Anxiety 

Before you try using CBD oil as a treatment for your anxiety, you might want to consult your doctor first. They can give you the necessary information to determine if taking CBD suits you. They can also give you the appropriate dosage you should follow.

Since doctors can prescribe different CBD oils, you might want to do your research first before you buy any CBD product. CBD is available in many different forms across the world, including creams and tinctures, each can be absorbed by the body in different ways. 

Just like any new addition to your routine, it’s important to start slow first. Although high-quality CBD products don’t have side effects in general, people will have different reactions to CBD oil. You can start by taking small amounts first to let your body adjust, particularly if it’s your first time using CBD products. 

CBD products for better health
If you are a beginner with CBD products and a relatively small person, you can begin with the lowest strength of broad-spectrum CBD in a tincture form. Similarly, if you have a larger body size or suspect your body may have a higher need for CBD, you may choose to go with a higher concentration.

But again, it’s highly recommended to talk to your doctor first regarding the dosage because CBD’s effects will greatly depend on your anxiety needs and body composition. 

Potential Side Effects of CBD 

In general, CBD has little to no side effects at all. However, some should still be noted since they may occur. The side effects are typically dependent on the person, with the most common ones being changes in weight and appetite. These effects will likely be experienced by people who don’t have much experience with using CBD drops and other CBD products in the past.

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