Enjoy Better Health with Garcinia Cambogia

There are several ways on how supplementation with Garcinia Cambogia aids weight loss. Below are several benefits of the fruit, specifically its extracts, backed by research as far as weight loss is concerned:

Blocks fat production 

There are some studies that indicate that the fruit, particularly the HCA it contains, can stop the fat production in the body. This is done through reducing the effects of citrate lyase, a type of enzyme that plays a big role in the production of fats. By blocking off citrate lyase, the production of fat is also slowed down or even blocked altogether.

Garcinia Cambogia

Blocking citrate lyase can also help lower the triglycerides found in the blood and decreases the potential of gaining weight. This also helps increase the levels of HDL cholesterol while reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol. 

Reduction of appetite 

Many people who want to enjoy weight loss know that this will only happen if they consume lesser amounts of calories than what their body can burn. This may sound simple in theory but it is actually easier said than done. This is where supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia can come in handy.

Liver health and detox

This fruit promotes healthy weight loss through reduction of appetite. This is done through increasing the serotonin production. Once the levels of serotonin are higher, appetite will be lower. 

These effects on suppressing appetite gives can help those who consume the fruit regularly to feel less hungry. In turn, this lets them feel more satiated even if they only eat in smaller food portions. 

Anti-diabetes effects

Obese or overweight people are more prone to suffering from type 2 diabetes. Aside from improving the levels of blood triglyceride and promoting weight loss, the fruit also helps lower the susceptibility to developing type 2 diabetes. This is done through reduced inflammation, improved insulin sensitivity, and enhanced blood sugar control and balance. 

The ability to control these factors together with the overall reduction of body weight can lead to significant effects on people who are prone to becoming diabetic or on those who struggle with other types of metabolic problems. 

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