gene Using New GMO “Gene Drive” Technology Could The Be Most Devastating Biological Weapon

As the next generation of GMOs are being developed, we will likely see them in possession with a new trait being called “gene drive.” This gene drive is designed to allow the genetic alterations to spread like a virus through the host population, be it plant or animal. This has lead to many scientists being concerned that this self-replicating technology could be used to make GMOs become sophisticated and secretive biological weapons against everything from crops and livestock to humans.…

desease Why Should People with Autoimmune Disease Avoid GM Food?

Potentially one of the biggest health concerns in the modern world are genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Despite recent attention on the question of their safety, the House of Representatives recently voted to block attempts at requiring GMO labeling which has caused this issue to receive less media coverage than it deserves.

herbicide 587589 640 Low-level Roundup exposure may lead to liver and kidney damage in rats

A freshly published study in ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”Environmental Health proposes that low-level exposure to Roundup for a long time may lead to liver and kidney depreciation in rats.

Analysts fed rats very low levels of Roundup in their water—smaller than the legally acceptable amount in drinking water in the U.S and the European Union.—for 2 years after which the animals were euthanized and autopsied.…

Lite Trac Crop Sprayer High Levels of Roundup Being Found in Food

A recent study has found that the levels of Roundup and other dangerous chemicals making into most of our food supplies are shocking and scary.

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you’re not going to intentionally eat something that kills your cells. However, that is exactly what you are doing every day when you choose to eat non-organic foods, and even many foods that are being labeled as “natural.”

Campbells Campbell is Caving to Public Pressure and moving to GMO-Free and Organic Food

According to a press release, Campbell has made several announcements about improving the sustainability of its foods. This is including a goal towards more non-GMO and organic food.

The company claims:

“Campbell’s will be launching several lines of organic kid’s soups, and removing MSG from all their kid’s soups. In August 2015, thecompany will introduce Campbell’s Organic soup for kids in three chicken noodle varieties. The soups will be non-GMO and certified Organic.

Pepperidge Farm will be launching several organic wheat versions of their popular Goldfish Crackers. Look for organic wheat versions of regular, cheddar, and parmesan in the coming

5 gmo myths busted 5 GMO Myths Busted (VIDEO)

Each year, a greater and greater percentage of our food supply sources back to genetically modified ingredients. Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, DuPont and the other biotech giants have made GMOs into a multi-billion dollar industry and unsurprisingly have launched one of the largest PR campaigns in the history of the food industry to convince the public that their products are safe, beneficial and even healthy. Here are five of the main claims of this PR campaign and see how true they really are.