Monsanto groups up with World Wildlife Fund to change Amazon into Big GMO plantation

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund), a charity that started in 1961, is about to destroy everything it represents. For so many, the charitable organization played an important role in saving necessary areas while working on behalf of animal welfare all over the universe. In recent millennia, the WWF has abandoned its roots. It‘s been watered down and infiltrated by nature-destroying thoughts of the bio-tech industry.

The WWF isn’t what it used to be. In the newly published book, PandaLeaks: The Dark Side of the WWF, Wilfried Huismann (German author) discloses everything, from the charity’s extremely high salaries to its new partnership with agro-chemical leader Monsanto.

Suppressed, recent book exposes harmful relationships between Monsanto and WWF

When the book was released in the year 2012, the WWF legal team tried censoring it. They were successful for some months and, afraid of being exposed for promoting Monsanto’s genetically modified crops. Later on in 2014, the book was released again; shedding light on the Monsanto funds WWF took. The book took a lot of lawsuits and exposed the dark side of the WWF’s relationship with the multinational agro-chemical seed engineer. The book shows that WWF collaborated with Monsanto to develop a “Round Table on Responsible Soy.” This shows that WWF leaders talked about ways of unleashing the GMO soy all over the world while assure all the countries that agro-chemicals and GMOs method of farming are the most environmentally-conscious methods.

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Monsanto is not famous because of “green washing”, an act they perform on their product, putting in people’s mind that they are for the environment. The corporation reaches out to their GMO soy, a “responsible” decision for protecting the environment. This trick has ultimately infected the WWF, which went together with preparations to unleash GMO soy in Amazon. Brazil and Argentina are presently being changed into GMO plantations as Amazon is cut down to make a way for Monsanto’s GMO “save the planet” brainwashing.

The smarter operatives at Monsanto have brought up a way to persuade environmentally conscious charities like the WWF to go along side their preparations for agricultural management and world dominance.

Each donation made to the WWF is presently in support with the very ideas that damage our natural environment. Monsanto’s agrochemicals have led to a large death’s of honey bees and monarch butterfly.

Without these important pollinators, a number of vegetables and herbs can’t be produced. Monsanto’s agrochemicals have dangerous effects on the ecosystem, all the way down to washing away the good bacteria present in the soil and the human gut.

When the soil quality is neglected, the quality of crops decelerates with time, eventually affecting the health of people.

Amazon rain forest being cut to pieces to make room for GMO plantations

The Amazon GMO soy boom is causing millions of acres of rain forest to be cleared. Between 2007 and 2008, nearly 3 million acres were destroyed in the Brazilian Amazon rain forest as logging, soy plantations and cattle ranching took over the region. The WWF has no interest in protecting these regions any more because they are infiltrated by the ideas of Monsanto, which is all for clearing out the rain forest and taking over the area’s agriculture.

Monsanto is not feeding the world. They are raping the natural diversity on this planet and controlling what farmers can grow to stay in business. Brazilian soy is now over 90 percent genetically modified. Much of the GM soy is used to sell animal feed back to farmers as their free range, biodiversity-rich farming practices are taken from them and replaced by fields of GMO soy.

Source: NaturalNews

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