Nestlé Sets Non-GMO and Organic Foods as a Priority

Nestlé has recently announced that their desire is to create “a better food environment” which means they will be transforming their products to contain less sugar, fat, and sodium. They will also be removing more artificial ingredients and replacing them with whole, non-GMO, and organic ingredients.

According to the big company, they have products in 97% of U.S. homes, which is why Nestlé has recently made this commitment to help America become healthier as a nation.

Nestlé’s CEO Paul Grimwood wrote, “Our work over the last 10 years to reduce sugar, sodium and saturated fat and remove trans fat from our products without sacrificing taste impacts millions of consumers striving for better health.”

Some changes have already been seen in Nestlé’s products, as they reformulated over 1,000 of their products in 2014 by cutting down the sugar content by 10% from the previous year. They also support the FDA’s proposal that would require companies to include added sugars in the Nutritional Fact Panels.

“Nestlé believes in transparency to consumers,” the company stated in its report, “and recognizes that consumers can’t easily monitor added sugar intake unless they can find this information on food labels, which enables them to compare products and make informed decisions.”

According to Food Navigator, Nestlé will reduce sodium content by 10 percent, and remove all trans fats from partially hydrogenated oil products by the end of 2016, two years ahead of the FDA deadline.

But the most impressive moves might be Nestlé’s commitment to what it calls “high-quality ingredients,” including non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, and whole foods. “We’re adding more fruits and vegetables and other high-quality ingredients to make healthier choices easier and more delicious,” the company explained.

“This is no time for complacency,” Grimwood wrote, “We’re contemplating how we will continue to evolve and create shared value over the next 150 years.”

Source: NaturallySavvy

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