The Latest News about GMOs – Glyphosate and Infertility

Dr. Don Huber is the Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Perdue University, and one of the leading scientists that focuses on researching the effects of genetic engineering and glyphosate. Dr. Huber has traveled to numerous different countries to speak on these topics and his continued research has earned him the respect and admiration of many scientists in his field.

In a recent interview, Dr. Huber explains that genetic engineering as a science is flawed. He also talked about the research that is being done that is finding connections between the use of glyphosate and infertility and miscarriages, which have increased by around 30% over the last 5 years. Although this research is ongoing, the implications are fairly clear already. When discussing GMOs, Dr. Huber stated that this current technology is:

Don Huber

“The greatest scientific fraud that has ever been perpetrated since thePiltdown Man.”

Dr. Huber talked about the Shiva study which discusses the results of research of integrative oxidative stress with C1 metabolism, which demonstrates significant upregulation of formaldehyde concentrations and depletion of glutathione.

He spoke about the 46 Million birds that were euthanized because of the Avian bird flu, none of which were free range or organic, and possible causation.

Another topic that Dr. Huber discusses in this interview is the importance of GMO labeling, which will give consumers the knowledge they need to make informed shopping decisions. He also speaks on the Dark Act (H.R. 1599), which he believes is both unconstitutional and a violation of our First Amendment Right to free speech.

Dr. Huber is very concerned about the children and how this science experiment called genetic engineering is affecting them. He does not think the effects of genetic engineering are irreversible but explained that it is going to take time to remediate the damage to human health and the environment. He stressed the urgency in educating the public about the dangers of GMOs and the accompanying toxic chemicals that could directly be a major cause in the increase of over 32 diseases, our declining rate of fertility and the increasing number of miscarriages.

Dr. Huber’s expertise in this area is undisputable. To listen to this compelling interview with one of the true heroes in this battle to take back our food supply by educating about GMOs and glyphosate, click on the link below.


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