The number of countries outlawing GMOs has become larger after the European Union approved enactment that permits them to outlaw GMOs!

Research reports that about 90% Americans are in support of compulsory labeling of these GMOs. From when GMOs gained entrance to our sources of food 20 years prior, Americans have remained oblivious about what food they are consuming.

Completed researches by Michael Antonio from Earth Open Source and University of Caan’s Dr. Giles-Eric Seralini in France discovered that GMOs are brimming with pesticides that have glyphosate and 2-4-D, an Agent Orange active constituent. All these chemicals are related to wellbeing issues such as malignancy, birth defects, neurological irregular characteristics, DNA defects, embryonic deaths and fetal demise.

Two researchers report that these GMOs are loaded with pesticides that have glyphosate and 2-4-D, a dynamic constituent of Agent Orange.

It bodes well to reflect on the fact that if people in general eat harmful chemicals all the time, there will be health-wise repercussions.

The number of nations giving Monsanto the book is becoming very lengthy. So far, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Madeira, Luxembourg, France, Latvia, Scotland, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Australia, Peru and Japan have prohibited Monsanto.

In the state of California, a few areas have prohibited GMOs, such as Mendocino, Marin and Trinity. A portion of the countries that keep on nourishing its population with GMOs include USA, China, Canada, England, Philippines, European Union and South Africa

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The list of countries that have banned GMOs is getting longer, recently Greece and Latvia joined the list

Recently, Greece and Latvia followed suit with the reasons that Scotland and Germany gave for banning GMOs.  They are concerned that the GMO crops will contaminate their food sources.  European countries recently passed a legislation indicating allowances to opt out of GMOs.  The countries are tired of the biotech strong arm and have taken their allowance.

To date, the only genetically modified crop allowed in the European Union is MON810 GM Maize.  Due to the legislation, countries can choose to grow or refuse.

European Union passed legislation that allows countries to choose or refuse to grow genetically modified crops!

It’s only a matter of time till we see what Monsanto has up their sleeve if more countries continue this ban.  We can be sure they won’t walk away, but will most likely continue to pursue other options to infiltrate the world’s food supply.

Americans continue to wonder, if there will ever be a day where the US food supply will be without GMOs.  Even if America banned GMOs, we must face reality that our soil, water, and air has been infiltrated with these chemicals, and it would be a long journey to reverse the damage.

Source: TheRawFoodWorld

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