Campbell is Caving to Public Pressure and moving to GMO-Free and Organic Food

According to a press release, Campbell has made several announcements about improving the sustainability of its foods. This is including a goal towards more non-GMO and organic food.

The company claims:

“Campbell’s will be launching several lines of organic kid’s soups, and removing MSG from all their kid’s soups. In August 2015, thecompany will introduce Campbell’s Organic soup for kids in three chicken noodle varieties. The soups will be non-GMO and certified Organic.

Pepperidge Farm will be launching several organic wheat versions of their popular Goldfish Crackers. Look for organic wheat versions of regular, cheddar, and parmesan in the coming year. They still need to remove GMOs and go completely organic with the rest of their ingredients.

Increasing organics across other food lines, and increasing the number of organic products offered by Plum.”

This is great news!

It is great news that a major food brand is willing to answer the plea of millions of Americans for organic and non-GMO food. It seems a little bit too late and peculiar considering the major company has opposed GMO labeling with thousands of dollars.

Just two years ago, Campbell contributed more than $265,000 to stop GMO labeling with Initiative 522 in Washington State.

According to Just Label It and Truth Out, Campbell’s Soup spent millions of dollars to defeat labeling with GMO in California. Other companies such as General Mills and Pepsi joined in on the movement.

It is a big win to see such a big corporation like Campbell cave into public pressure. However, is Kellogg’s going to lie about GMOs being in their food? Only time will tell, but I am not planning on buying anything from Kellogg’s until all of their food has been verified as being GMO-free by an independent lab.


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