Consumer Survey Discovers That 87% of People Believe That Non-GMO Products Are Better for Health

New research indicates that, around the world, most consumers believe non-GMO products to be better for ones health as compared to GMO foods.

The survey, conducted by HealthFocus International, sought the opinions of consumers across sixteen different nations.

Respondents considered GMOs to be among the top 5 sources of worry when it came to food, ranked above salt, sugars, and even artificial additives. Those who have some kind of awareness of GMO products tended to view them as less safe and not as healthy compared to foods that had not been modified genetically. Generally, they viewed GMOs as more of a food safety concern than a larger environmental concern. Most consumers also believed that it was possible to grow crops without the use of genetic modification altogether and still feed the world population adequately. In addition, nearly 50% of consumers around the world indicated a high level of concern over GMO foods, and almost 90% agreed that such foods should be labeled.

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