Is Bowen Therapy Right for You?

Bowen therapy Thermana Laško is one of the favourite services of clients for many good reasons. Thermana Laško has a special team of trained occupational therapists and physiotherapists who continuously educate themselves and upgrade their skills. 

But what is Bowen therapy in the first place? What benefits can it offer? Is this the right form of therapy for you? 

What is Bowen Therapy?

A type of gentle and non-aggressive therapy, Bowen therapy helps address muscular-skeletal issues and is also an amazing technique that induces relaxation. The therapist uses a strong but gentle enough pressure on some positions to stimulate the receptors in the connective and muscle tissue, which then encourages the self-healing process. 

This therapy can effectively and quickly reduce muscle-connective tension and help establish balance in the energy, lymphatic, hormonal, and neurological systems. Thermana Laško also performs this therapy even for babies. 

The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a form of gentle therapy applied to different parts of the body using fingers and thumbs in a specific order or process. 

The move is a type of rolling motion of the forefingers and thumb and is meant to stimulate the nerve pathways that will then allow for a “conversation” to ensue among the body’s different nervous systems.  

kakovostna Bownova terapija
Bowen therapy Thermana Laško is one of the favourite services of clients.

A very distinctive move, the Bowen move is applied to very specific parts of the body. This involves the soft tissue’s movement in a precise way. 

Between every set of moves, the therapist will leave the room to give the communication process a chance to take place. The breaks can help boost the effectiveness of every subsequent set of moves. 

The move doesn’t flick or slide over the skin’s surface instead, it uses the overlying skin’s slack to move over the tissue underneath so that every move will cover a small area. This is defined by how far the skin of a person can move over the targeted area. 

The best thing about Bowen is that this is suitable for all ages and is also very gentle. 

The Two-Minute Break

The man behind Bowen’s therapy, Tom Bowen, had a remarkable ability to precisely observe the somewhat very subtle body imbalances and therefore, could begin the process of quickly correcting these. 

After he began the process with some specially selected moves, Tom would leave his client alone inside the treatment room before coming back a few minutes later to check the response of body and identify other things that have to be done, if anything. 

This particular element that offers an opportunity for the body to rest for several minutes encourages the important repair process. The breaks’ length may differ depending on the client and the different procedures. 

On average, however, clients are left for approximately 2 minutes in between every set of moves. Experienced practitioners are aware of the implications of the breaks. But at the beginning of the training, most people find this concept rather difficult. 

The breaks are possibly among the least understood aspects of Bowen but still, it is during these breaks that the work will start to take effect and the changes will be implemented. Bowen’s most fundamental principle is that the client is the one who does the work and not really the therapist. For it to happen, the body should be left alone and will need time. 

How Does Bowen Work?

The brain is no doubt one of the body’s most interesting areas. Its most basic function is to receive information from the sensory organs as well as interpret information like sound, movement, pain, and light. 

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The man behind Bowen’s therapy, Tom Bowen, had a remarkable ability to precisely observe the somewhat very subtle body imbalances.

It allows conscious communication within the body. Neuroplasticity refers to the ability of the brain to recognize itself through the formation of new neural connections, allowing the brain’s nerve cells to adjust their activities when responding to new changes or situations in their environment. It involves the use of touch as the stimulus. 

Approximately 600,00 signals are travelling every second to the body from the brain and in turn, these will return to the brain with the information that will be interpreted and then sent back out. Every time you see, hear, feel, or think something, your brain will bring in your past experiences to categorize the sensation and come up with a suitable response. 

As far as the Bowen move is concerned, the brain cannot do it immediately and requires further information before forming a response. For this reason, while the brain asks for additional information, the therapist will leave the room and as such, the brain will send certain signals to the spot to gauge a response. 

The immediate response is almost always deep and rapid relaxation when the client is comfortably lying down. Clients also usually report warmth or tingling sensation felt in the spot that was worked on. It is common to hear comments that it felt like the therapist’s hands were still on them. 

Does Bowen Always Work?

Among the trickier elements that may be difficult to understand is the minimal hands-on work done during a Bowen session. Aside from this, the client may also leave the treatment feeling little to no improvement above and over a sense of relaxation

But the reactions to the therapy in the days after the treatment can usually contradict its gentle and soft approach. Headaches, soreness, stiffness, and a feeling similar to being run over by a bus are also common, indicating that the body and brain have begun the repair process. Once started, this process is often rapid and it is also common for longstanding pain to be resolved or reduced after 2 to 3 treatments. 

The simplicity of nature for the benefit of health

Even if musculoskeletal issues such as neck and back pain and frozen shoulder account for most conditions brought for Bowen’s session, this can also come in handy with the more organic issues. Some clients reported notable improvements with irritable bowel, asthma, infertility, migraines, and other reproductive concerns. 

Nothing in this life is guaranteed, and this also applies to Bowen therapy. However, if your body responds to this treatment, it will and can start the repair process. But there is no response, you don’t have to worry because no harm is done. 

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