Lite Trac Crop Sprayer High Levels of Roundup Being Found in Food

A recent study has found that the levels of Roundup and other dangerous chemicals making into most of our food supplies are shocking and scary.

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you’re not going to intentionally eat something that kills your cells. However, that is exactly what you are doing every day when you choose to eat non-organic foods, and even many foods that are being labeled as “natural.”

dr.oz popravljeno The New GMO-Free Label is a Gift to Big Food

Americans all over the country have petitioned for a federal GMO label. Leading global companies get what they ask for.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is in the works in developing its own GMO labeling program, according to the Associated Press.

Campbells GMO-Free and Organic also Campbell

According to recent press release, Campbell, big food brand, has made several announcements about improving the sustainability of its foods. This is including a goal towards more non-GMO and organic food.
This is great news!!

The company claims:

“Campbell’s  will be launching several lines of organic kid’s soups, and removing MSG from all their kid’s soups.  In August 2015, the company will introduce Campbell’s Organic soup for kids in three chicken noodle varieties.  The soups will be non-GMO and certified Organic.