GMO label GMO Labeling Gains More and More Support

Now supported by more than three-quarters of state lawmakers, legislation that would require all genetically engineered food to be labeled won praise from proponents Tuesday as a consumer protection that would help people make informed choices about what to eat.

It is estimated that the legislation which would require the labeling of all GMO food is being supported by over 75% of Massachusetts lawmakers. This law is being pushed in order to allow consumers to make informed food choices.…

roundup California to Restrict the Use of Glyphosate

The state of California recently claimed a small victory over the corporation Monsanto as they made a move to add glyphosate as well as three other chemical pesticides to their cancer list. This will greatly restrict the use of these pesticides in order to protect public health.

The full extent of these restrictions is still unknown, but it is clear that glyphosate, malathion, parathion, and tetrachlorvinphos will all most likely be classified as carcinogens by California’s environmental protection agency.

austria1 Austria and Italy Banning GM Crops

Austrian Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser and several Italian Ministries have recently confirmed that these two countries have requested to opt-out from raising the eight different variety of genetically-modified corn which is being allowed at the EU level. Under the new EU regulations, this means that Austria and Italy now have a full ban of genetically-modified crops.…

amandment Washington State Seeks to Prevent the Buying of Elections from GMO Corporations with a Constitutional Amendment

If you ever visit Huckleberry’s Natural Market in Spokane, Washington, you might see Stacy Cossey there holding a large sign which reads, “Honey-bees Unite for I-735.” Stopping to talk with her will reveal that she is also wearing a shirt that reveals more about her quest: “I-735: Get BIG money out of elections!” Stacy spends much of her time collecting signatures around Washington, but her story is not a typical one.

Stacy Cossey spent 27 years as a stockbroker on Wall Street. Prior to the subprime mortgage crisis, she saw what was coming and urged her clients to get out …

herbicide 587589 640 Low-level Roundup exposure may lead to liver and kidney damage in rats

A freshly published study in ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”Environmental Health proposes that low-level exposure to Roundup for a long time may lead to liver and kidney depreciation in rats.

Analysts fed rats very low levels of Roundup in their water—smaller than the legally acceptable amount in drinking water in the U.S and the European Union.—for 2 years after which the animals were euthanized and autopsied.…

amazon rainforest 2 Monsanto groups up with World Wildlife Fund to change Amazon into Big GMO plantation

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund), a charity that started in 1961, is about to destroy everything it represents. For so many, the charitable organization played an important role in saving necessary areas while working on behalf of animal welfare all over the universe. In recent millennia, the WWF has abandoned its roots. It‘s been watered down and infiltrated by nature-destroying thoughts of the bio-tech industry.…

GMO congress Reasons why the DARK Act makes no sense!

Why DARK Act makes absolutely no sense:

HR Bill 1599 was made known this summer to Congress. Dubbed the DARK Act (violating the rights of Americans to Know) by its competitors, it was reactionary legislation to Connecticut, Vermont and Maine’s 2014 laws that made GMO labeling compulsory packaging of food. The DARK Act doesn’t make a single sense, and these are the reasons why.

GMO which stands for ‘Genetically Modified Organism’, and in this case, it is used to explain genetically modified agricultural products. There is an argument on whether GMOs are bad or good for our well-being, however, that …

stop GMO2 The number of countries outlawing GMOs has become larger after the European Union approved enactment that permits them to outlaw GMOs!

Research reports that about 90% Americans are in support of compulsory labeling of these GMOs. From when GMOs gained entrance to our sources of food 20 years prior, Americans have remained oblivious about what food they are consuming.

Completed researches by Michael Antonio from Earth Open Source and University of Caan’s Dr. Giles-Eric Seralini in France discovered that GMOs are brimming with pesticides that have glyphosate and 2-4-D, an Agent Orange active constituent. All these chemicals are related to wellbeing issues such as malignancy, birth defects, neurological irregular characteristics, DNA defects, embryonic deaths and fetal demise.…

Lite Trac Crop Sprayer High Levels of Roundup Being Found in Food

A recent study has found that the levels of Roundup and other dangerous chemicals making into most of our food supplies are shocking and scary.

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you’re not going to intentionally eat something that kills your cells. However, that is exactly what you are doing every day when you choose to eat non-organic foods, and even many foods that are being labeled as “natural.”

dr.oz popravljeno The New GMO-Free Label is a Gift to Big Food

Americans all over the country have petitioned for a federal GMO label. Leading global companies get what they ask for.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is in the works in developing its own GMO labeling program, according to the Associated Press.