mayoneza Presence of GMOs in your mayonnaise?


A List of the 10 top brands that may contain harmful GMOs

Mayonnaise is regarded as one the most unhealthy liquids out there. You can spice up your French fries with ketchup and soak your mashed potatoes with gravy, but coating a sandwich with mayonnaise is just as irritating and disgusting as feeding slops to pigs. Although mayonnaise is a food liquid that may go with your taste but it won’t go well with your health.…

doctor American Academy of Pediatrics Drops Monsanto Like a Hot Potato

That’s right, although the American Academy of Pediatrics was previously sponsored by Monsanto, the big company no longer has their hand in their organization. This is all because of the people who spoke up against this relationship, whose voices were heard.

As soon as the American Academy of Pediatrics was made fully aware of all that Monsanto represented (Agent Orange, GMOs, DDT, and PCBs to name a few), they quickly agreed that this was not a good company to have a relationship with, and so they kicked them to the curb.…

chicken 1140 640 Lastly! The FDA Acknowledges That about 70% of U.S. Chickens Contain Cancer - Causing Arsenic

For me, my poultry purchases of late at my local store is now more of a ‘hit-and-miss’ condition, incurring more misses than hits. As I eat chicken nuggets or Coq au Vin made from home, I always have a weird chicken taste, stringy. So some few days back, I saw headline news that the FDA has now confirmed that chicken meat that is being sold in the U.S. has arsenic, I almost ran mad.

These toxic chemicals that cause cancer, that could lead to death when a high dose is taken, is being added to chicken feed deliberately, making chicken …

monsanto Monsanto has a long history of bullying, deceiving and exploiting farmers and governments

As news spread on the web that Agri-giants such as Monsanto made payment to scientists and academics to act as shills for their companies, it should be noted that all these companies also get involved in other kinds of corporate behavior that is unethical and condemnable.

The New American, in the year 2012, had disclosed the latest revelations at that time from WikiLeaks, and they confirmed that Monsanto is involved in engaging in efforts that is unending so as to influence governments all over the world to constantly back company whilst punishing anybody that did not side with the firm.…

bribe Monsanto Now Using Taxpayer Dollars to Spread their Propaganda

Although Monsanto’s public relations team has done a great job of making the GMO debate appear to be nothing more than pro-science verses anti-science and anti-environment, thousands of emails have recently come to light which tells a different story. Monsanto has been using public universities to fuel their PR stunts.

Don Huber2 The Latest News about GMOs - Glyphosate and Infertility

Dr. Don Huber is the Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Perdue University, and one of the leading scientists that focuses on researching the effects of genetic engineering and glyphosate. Dr. Huber has traveled to numerous different countries to speak on these topics and his continued research has earned him the respect and admiration of many scientists in his field.…

california district First All Organic and Non-GMO School in U.S. - School District in California

Conscious Kitchen program helps Sausalito Marin City School District serve healthier meals to students

A non-profit organization based in California known as Turning Green has recently taken the all-important first step in transforming all school lunches into organic and non-GMO meals. They launched a project known as the Conscious Kitchen and is introducing five principles to change the way schools think about schools.

McCormick World’s Largest Spice Company Is Officially Going Organic and GMO-Free

Those who are fighting against the GMO takeover of Monsanto can celebrate another victory for the clean food movement as the world’s biggest spice company announces that they are going to be almost completely non-GMO and organic by 2016.

Companies such as Simply Organic have already been benefitting from the clean food movement, and although McCormick Spice Company hasn’t suffered any great losses because of it, they have decided to secure their position at the top by moving toward being completely organic and non-GMO.…

gene Using New GMO “Gene Drive” Technology Could The Be Most Devastating Biological Weapon

As the next generation of GMOs are being developed, we will likely see them in possession with a new trait being called “gene drive.” This gene drive is designed to allow the genetic alterations to spread like a virus through the host population, be it plant or animal. This has lead to many scientists being concerned that this self-replicating technology could be used to make GMOs become sophisticated and secretive biological weapons against everything from crops and livestock to humans.…